February 7, 2009

It is already the second month of 2009...

...what have you been doing?

Achieve anything new business-wise or personally? Did you get that raise? Did you manage to retain your old job? Did you make that call? Did you manage to get that corner office? In this time of hardship, are you still where you were one year ago? Better pasture? Better benefit? Better worker?

All new years have passed. The Muslims new year in December. The Christians or the one where everyone has acknowledged as theirs. The Jews new year. The Chinese new year.

Resolutions have been made. Business also have close their account for last year. The profit are being calculated. The tax for last year are tabulated and if it can be lowered (through whatever means) it is being done.

All these have passed. Any changes?

Did you achieve your milestone yet?


Ratty said...

I don't really change anything special for the new year, but my life has changed a lot since last year. Some things that are personal that I don't tell anyone. Others like starting my blog and hiking almost every day. Some of those personal things made the hiking and the blog happen. I feel like a different, and improved person since one year ago.

kruel74 said...

I think what you have achieved was the betterment of last year's resolution and it is commendable from what I see through your blog. You go Ratty!!!

Lisalicious said...

nothing much that I have achieved except for submitting 2 of my assignments of the semester =D

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