September 30, 2009

Surrogates is a movie about Twitter gone wild

Okay, of course it is a bit far-fetched. How can Twitter where people can meet and interact without meeting each other except through their avatar or persona be compared with a movie about people meet and interact in the real world through their persona which are robots. Wait! Isn't that the same?

In the real world, it is technologically impossible. Robots are robots and very much unlike human. Wait! The one in the movie is the same too. They are also very much unlike humans.

What actually differentiate the movie from reality is the fact that the robots are controlled by humans which can feel whatever the robots feel. The humans can do anything without contracting any disease, can have sex without getting pregnant, can jump higher, can do impossible things and they can be repaired like a car. The humans are just the driver. Until a weapon comes into existence which can kill the controller.

That is when Bruce Willis character comes into the picture. My wife did mentioned, he is far more good looking than his robots. As for others, it is the other wat around.

This is a good science fiction movie albeit quite short. Think about what it try to convey then ask yourself whether is this the future that you will want....

p/s - Thanks to Nuffnang for the tickets

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kameron said...

i love to stay home and get done my all work through surrogates robot like as surrogates movie. i feel much better about this movie. i am not surprise about its position in box office in previous weekend. many fans watched this movie and i have watched it twice.


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