December 28, 2008

Maal Hijrah

On 28.12.08, after Asar prayer, Muslims around the world would have read their end of the year doa' in hoping that Allah will forgive them for their sin in the final light of the year before. After Maghrib prayer, they would have read the first day of the new Hijriah prayer, hoping for a fulfilling new year ahead.

Muslims starts their day at Maghrib or sundown every day and our new year also starts at the same time. At the year's final day, it is a time to reflect what we have done all year round and what the new year will bring.

As a businessman, I pray for a better year ahead, a halal revenue and profit. May all of you, Muslims or whatever religion you embraced will have a better year than the last.

Have a blessed new year.... for us Muslims, its the 1430 Hijrah

The wordings to the doa'... basically saying, Prayers for End of Year and New Year

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