December 29, 2008

What 2008 had been to my business

1) After moving to a new office in 31.8.07, we decided to throw a new year's eve barbeque as our office has a penthouse floor overlooking Sunway Pyramid. As it was a 'kosher' party, the inside was where the karaoke lounge was set up and the outside was the mingling area. A few bankers and developers staff turned up as we didn't invite the bosses to spoil the mood. It was successful albeit tiring as we did it on our own;

The rooftop view of our office overlooking Sunway

2) We changed the name of our firm in May from SNKS to KSH throwing away the SN and changed the position of my name to the first letter in our firm's name to fulfill my chauvinistic tendency in a firm full of women. Now, those who received our letter of demand on behalf of our financial institution client will curse my name first and those conveyancing client will ask for me first everytime our ill-informed client receive a letter bearing our letterhead. Oh, and judges at court will berate my firm's attorney by calling out my name first. Nice!;

3) We were appointed on a few more panel of banks but our proudest moment was still getting on the panel of the most high-end bank which finance purchase of ships, building of highways and massive IT related project. Then, we scrambled for cover (and to more senior lawyer's eloquency) when we were given litigation cases which are way over our head. At last count, there are nearly five. Help!;

4) On a personal level, my partner became one of the state's Bar Committee member charting the course of how lawyers deal with the land offices under the new government and I was appointed as a Trustee to a society conserving the environment, on top of my ongoing independent directorship of a listed second board company;

5) My 8 years old partner and me, who is nearly attached to the hip businesswise, had to contend with a top-level office politic between the partner we admitted in 2007 and our senior associate who just had to compete on every front. The money they brought in make it better but the cat-fight is a turn-off. Especially like just recently when they did it in front of a client in which we had to ask them both to go to attend due to our tight schedule. Hope they will resolve it fast but as the founding partners we are thankful we still see eye to eye like we were 8 years ago;

To be continued on 30.12.08...

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Eddie Law said...

what an interesting 2008 for you.

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