December 30, 2008

What 2008 had been to my business_Part 2

A continuation of yesterday's posting :

6) We attended conferences and talks accumulating new knowledges and understanding better old knowledges. Our new partner finished her MBA on top of her MAICSA degree, I continued my Islamic finance study which had turned from just another degree to a Master and my long-time partner started her Master in Law. All these are our life long studies journey and to better equip us on our business enhancement features.

7) We strengthened our grip on our forte which is real estate and even gain the trust in the heart of a new client who adopt my partner like a new daughter. We also made headway in intellectual property and corporate litigation but still treading cautiously by handling the matter ourselves without hiring new talent.

8) Our profit is still there but we are cautious in light of so many financial meltdown elsewhere in the world and we have readied ourselves of such situation since 2007 as that was the 10 year mark since the Asian financial crisis in 1997. We had also changed our tax regime as it seems we had been paying tax under a wrong system which was widespread among the legal community. Next year, we are going to be better equipped;

9) We had a few human resource problem as staff left us for greener pastures, unwanted pregnancy, miscarriage (not the same person), new computer system integration which is resisted by old staff and the normal demand for more benefits and bonuses. We weathered it by balancing our capabilities and our resources with the need to retain them to keep the business running;

10) We invested in 3 properties which we are now dreading to keep as we are going to receive the keys to them in a few weeks time but glad these investments can and had helped us in being liquid as we paid a fair amount of cash before taking loans for them;

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