December 3, 2008

Significant date of my business...

20.9.2000 - My legal firm business with S starts. We started by sharing an office with our junior then our client.

1.5.2001 - We dissolved our first business and joined a friend in which we managed a branch of the legal firm in Petaling Jaya while he was in Shah Alam before moving to Klang. We made a break businesswise in May 2002 when we were appointed as a panel lawyer for a housing project with 824 units of houses. We only had 2 staffs and was ill-prepared but we did managed.

1.9.2001 - We moved to a proper office of our own. 500 square feet with 1 room.

1.9.2002 - We (S and I) parted way with the friend and joined another friend who owns a legal firm and has an office in Seremban. We remain at the same office and operated a branch of the legal firm in Petaling Jaya. We entered into an agreement where we agreed to manage our own accounts separately but the auditing and management will be consolidated every year before applications for licenses from the Bar Council were done.

1.5.2004 - We parted ways with the partner in Seremban but retained the business as per our agreement. He joined another partnership in which the same initial name was used.

2007 - We admitted a new partner. No name change.

The current workforce at the current set-up during the launch in 2007

1.9.2007 - We changed premises of our office from 2 units of 500 square feet and 800 square feet of offices to a 3650 square feet of 1 unit office with a penthouse to boot.

30.11.2007 - We officiated our office with a proper opening ceremony.

21.12.2008 - We did a new year party / gathering which made us quite happy to know we have 360 degree of fireworks view up until Midvalley from our rooftop.

1.5.2008 - We changed the name to reflect the real partners in the firm as there were cases where in court, both our files and our old partner's name were called and two lwayers stood up. One was from our firm but the other was our old partner's firm.

1.12.08 - Still standing and bracing for an economic slowdown. Hope to celebrate the new year 2009 and reach 20.3.09 in which I will be 10 years in practice...

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