December 6, 2008

My sis-in-law wedding (a pictorial)

A few pictures to show that the spirit of Malay wedding where food are cooked by the whole village and everybody helped out :

The kids happily helping out
The food being cooked..
The solemnisation ceremony at the mosque...
Things in the goody bags
The boys are in charge of cleaning the plates
The ladies preparing the food for the brides
Our cook, a pakcik who is well-known there and his finished products
The kompang serenading the brides (look at that boy in the middle)
Got ayam golek / barbequed chickens, some more

It really take a village to raise a child here...


yusmala said...

bestla.. traditional look..

yusmala said... la.. traditional look..

kruel74 said...

Just a simple wedding actually but shows that the spirit is still there

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