December 25, 2008

Why can't we be friends?

Is there an underlying tone which no one dare to say when we talk about that one issue. With the realisation of touching a subject which may make me cross the line and be imprison for some things I say, I would write about it but not saying what it is. We have this law in Malaysia called the Internal Security Act which can get you send to prison for anything you say on that subject.

Paranoid you say? This is what I understand of the matter and it will be better to be safe than sorry.

Malaysia is a multi-cultural society with Malay, Chinese and Indian as the predominant races. There are other races but they are listed as 'Others' in the race column of various survey forms. Maybe to list them out will fill all the forms to the brink, as in there will be not enough space, but just imagine if your race actually is a dominant race in a state but you are lumped together with the minorities, it seems that it is a valid bane of contention.

So, why not let the government of the day think these issues over as there seems to be no problem to find issues to think of. Let me contribute to the matter by just a simple question to the politicians, who may not noticed that the rakyat are already fed-up with their ranting and their rhetoric and their non-stop Parliament arguments, which are not even funny anymore.

The question is, did they even notice that the rakyat are already at peace with each other, connecting through their neighbourhood gatherings, their blogs and their other social gatherings. These rakyat, whatever race they represent, are already friends. I know that most politicians of different divides are friends just like lawyers who represent different sides then go for coffee or tea after the courtroom brawl. Why can't these hidden friendship be translated to them working together as they represent the rakyat. Talking about losing touch with the grounds.

If you are really friends, then be friends at all occasions, be it in Parliament, at the lobby, totally outside of it and whatever forums they are thrown together. If they really are enemies, be like what is shown by the oppositions in Selangor and Penang, which keep on making issues out of nothing at all. Like that famous song.

If all those they represent are already friends, let us ask them again, why can't we all be friends?


Harmony said...

Yes, definitely as long as they put aside their personal interest and go for the bigger aspiration.

kruel74 said...

Here's to hope

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