December 13, 2008

Sold Soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(It has been sometimes since I wrote the chapters of this fictionalised events. You can refer the labels at the sidebar to catch-up on how this chapter begins)

My relationship dynamic with the Turkish businessman changed when he came the second time to Malaysia. He had been liasing with me using email while he was away and he asid in his email that he had decided to make Malaysia the hub for his investment in Asia. I was ecstatic expecting the business to be handled by my legal firm.

Before I knew him, the only thing I knew about Turkey was the footballer by the name of Hasan Sukur who played a big part in Turkey campaign during the 1998 World Cup. I said so to him when I met him for the first time and he was delighted that I know of one of his countrymen. He seemed to have this built-in pride in anything or anyone who came from his country.

When he came for the second time, he came alone and Mr. N was very much still in the picture and had arranged for his hotel room and transport. When Mr. N told him that I would rarely be in Kuala Lumpur as I was still commuting between Seremban and Kuala Lumpur, he asked Mr. N to get me a room to at the hotel he was staying. Mr. N had a brighter idea, he booked an apartment with 2 rooms which allowed us to meet within the room itself for our meeting as it also has a dining area and even a kitchen.

As the joke of the day then was about man being molested by man, thanks to our former Deputy Prime Minister, I was warned by Mr. N and his entourage to be careful as Arabs were known to like men (boys?) I smirked at their remark and called them racist but did locked my door during the night (Just in case)

During breakfast, I was initiated into the Turkish culture when he showed me the real breakfast of a Turkish man. Cheese, lots of it and fruits. He had this one bag of luggage full of various smelly cheese and he had it served on the table of the apartment. He ate with gusto while I sneaked out and had real Malaysian breakfast of nasi lemak at the downstairs' restaurant serving normal Malaysian buffet breakfast. As much as I tried to, I just had to have oily food full with unhealthy things early in the morning.

Then, he decided that he needed a new office and we went around Kuala Lumpur day in, day out, looking for one. He seemed to find all the wrong things an office block could have whether the office was in the business district of Kuala Lumpur, a bit outskirt in area such as Ampang or in urban area such as Shah Alam. He then changed his mind about looking for an office as he maintained the temporary office he had rented in Menara Lion then, Menara Citibank now. This office was rented by him unbeknownst to us as he seemed to want to show that he knew some things that we didn't know and he has enough friends around to shake things around.

That was also when we get to know another side of him in which every caucasian is a CIA agent and he was amassing a wealth of fortune for we don't know what. That was many months before I enjoyed quite a sum of money and autonomy as I was given an apartment, a car and even enough money every month to ensure his operation in Malaysia was done accordingly.

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