November 20, 2009

Blog posts as press statements

Remember the time when you have to chase a certain somebody all over the country to get a sound bite from him? When he wouldn't give his time of the day as he is too busy attending to his 'work'? Either the work is attending events where he or she has to cut ribbons or those work where he or she has to go and meet his or her boss or another of his or her contemporary (for the highest boss of the land). Most of these people are labelled as 'politicians' and some are 'aspiring' politicians. Chasing and being chased are just some of their job descriptions.

Nowadays, if you want some insight into the mind of a politician or what a politician has to say about certain matters, be it some irrelevant matter to his portfolio or the one which can make or break another politician career, look no further than the internet. Or specifically the politician's blog which will tell you all you need to know and then some.

It may not be the same as interviewing these politicians and catching them off-guard with some direct questions but even the mainstream media seems to use these blogs to get some news to feed the masses. Some of the politicians have even published their blog posts in the form of press release. It is easier for the media to sift these releases in order for them to make into published articles.

Like the courtrooms where lawyers now like to send in their submission by writing them than present them to the judges through their oral acrobatics, maybe politicians of the future can convince their constituents that they are good in representing them in Parliament or Congress by the ideas they present through their writings....

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