November 6, 2009

Royal Selangor Pewter in Singapore

Isn't it embarrassing? Going to Royal Selangor Pewter in Singapore but never even know where is the one in Kuala Lumpur? Heard of it and know the story about how the second (or is it the third) generation built back the business into what it is now, leaving behind the old business model where pewter was for the baby boomers to drink their beers in. Now they even have jewellery made from pewters. You can teach old dog new tricks. There is a good lesson here. Like all the old business which is brought back to life through new ideas...

At this Royal Selangor Pewter Centre in Singapore, they have the same School of Hard Knock like the one in Kuala Lumpur. And with the name like 'Royal Selangor' while we being in a Tourism Singapore endorsed tour, just wondering, isn't we very much intertwined with each other that sometimes when our politicians are bickering about Singapore as our rival, it makes you wonder. Right?

I want to get back to writing business and legal issues. Trying to wrap up all the Singapore trip posts which I am doing as they do act as fillers when my mind blank out on business and legal issues :

The place

The raw materials

The School of Hard Knock

Auditioning for THOR!!!!




From this

To this

Mine says :






julian said...

'She-Thor' = Sif :)

I dunno why, but I never thought of putting my blog name (or nick as you did) on the bowl when I did it... seems obvious when you think of it.

*lynne* said...

I didn't know about the School of Hard Knock... hmmm maybe on my next trip back to KL I might check it out... well, I *think* the Royal Selangor place is, umm, near Alpha Angle? Gawsh, I used to have to drive there during my driving lessons, but that was 19 years ago! Man I feel old! :p

About Malaysia said...

Hello from Kuala Lumpur!
I really like your blog header, very original.

The photo of Thor at the School of Hard Knocks is great. Can I put it up on my Selangor Pewter page? Will give you credit for that and put a link back your blog.

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