November 1, 2009

The things they served at Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009

We were served food which actually becomes the bone of contention between me and Nuffnang. Not really blaming them as they were not sure whether I would want to eat food which may or may not be halal. I did debated with my wife about it as even in Malaysia which is supposed to be a Muslim country, most of our hotels couldn't get the halal certificate as most of the hotel's kitchen need to use alcohol for certain dishes.

So, I first got an email asking me to confirm whether I want to change from the normal menu to the vegetarian menu. I did not respond. On Monday, 4 days before the event, I got a call from one of the intern at Nuffnang asking me whether I got the email and want to change my meal to a vegetarian menu. I refused and gave my reason (as stated above). I also told her that I think the only part which I may have to worry is the chicken which may or may not be perfectly halal. As there was the tuna, I can satisfy myself that night with it.

Then one day before the trip, they called again and asked me again as the menu has been confirmed. She explained that the tuna will just be the appetizer and it will be a small portion. I thought about it awhile and I finally relented. I changed my menu to vegetarian meal.

I am grateful to Nuffnang for their concern and sensitivity on the issue of halal food but I actually changed my food with Julian Hopkin who was trying to be a vegetarian. When the chicken came, I wanted to change with him but as the die was cast. I had doubt in my mind about the halal issue and decided to just at what they served as main course for vegetarian. 

Needless to say, most of us who had the vegetarian menu felt unsatiated that night. It was not too bad but food does play a part in a good gala dinner night.

So, here is what I got :

While waiting for the event to start, I had some Pringles

The souvenir was also half finished by the time the food arrived

The menu

The table before the food came

The appetizer for the normal menu (that is tuna on top)

 The appetizer for the vegetarian

The main course which was the chicken for the normal menu

The vegetarian main course. Those are potatos

The fabulous dessert which was served to all
(if we do need to worry, this was it as alcohol may be added to it, but I doubt that)

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kenwooi said...

oh you were there too.. haha.. catering for the vegetarians and malays might be a task.. but it must be done properly.. =)

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