November 2, 2009

Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009 - Was it really successful?

After being treated to a free trip across the causeway, it may be said I am one those who is said to be biting the hands that feed me if I even have an iota of criticism on those who sponsored me to go there. But, if they are tough enough and have enough vision, which I believe they are, they should want to know what I think of their event as critically as I can be. Not all event can be perfect, especially when you do it yourself without using an event management company. That is what I understand. Nuffnang had done everything themselves as they have enough staff from 4 countries to help the dinner and the tour to run smoothly. It did to a certain extent.

What is there to say? This is their first event in which they have to market themselves than marketing someone else's product. They had set the ballroom to be impressive and the bloggers to be mixed with each other. There are enough Pringles to satisfy the masses while everyone awaits the bloggers to finish taking their own pictures using the backdrop with the title sponsors and for the VIPs to arrive.

My complains up to the part I am seated at my table is negligible as I am a very easy guy to be satisfied. My only problem is the lack of briefing for people like me. Who was a nobody but just a freeloader who was there to enjoy the atmosphere and see how a company which was born 2 years ago handle its big night. The problem was the lack of briefing by them on some of us. I mean, maybe it was okay for me to be left alone and let me just follow the crowd but I even saw a few nominees looking clueless as what they are supposed to do. What if they decided to not go to the ballroom? Some bloggers are divas after all.

Then, the host was someone who was clueless about what blogging is all about. I know he is a big television star but he does not think blogging or even bloggers are someone who deserve to be given awards. He was just going with the flow and was just throwing whatever comes to his mind about blogging.

Then comes the time for the founders Timothy Tiah and Ming to come up the stage and share their journey of building up Nuffnang from scratch. It was their night and I understand the nervousness, but they shouldn't have shared the stage. They should have given individual speeches and tell us how they felt coming to that stage of their life. I think if they had used an event management company, they would have been asked to do just that.

Then there were the entertainment. That is something I can't really complain. The Magic Babe and her partner were good. Ditto the band after that. People may not be interested in them except if theu are one of the really famous rock band or singer but they are passable as the entertainment of the evening.

Then comes the award ceremony where the montages for each blog was just spectacular where you can see what each blog has to offer.





It shows that on what is really important, which is how your blogs should look like, Nuffnang really know what is the best blogs out there. Their nomination though there are a lot of bloggers saying things (behind the Nuffies' back) that they know nought these blogs ever existed before. To them, I want to remind them these are for Asia-Pacific and not country centric, which is another matter altogether. If Nuffnang wants to pacify these naysayers, maybe they should hold an award show for each country first before choosing the blogs which should be nominated for the region. With the presence in 4 countries, Nuffnang can pit for each category 4 nominees and choose one winner.

Then, there are the unprepared winners. They were asked to give a speech. Some gave good speeches as they are at ease in any situation like the winner of Best Entertainment Blog, Kenny Sia who was at home as he is the face of Nuffnang for all event. I mean, there are rarely any event Nuffnang held that he was not present. However, there are some who was not ready for any speech and it was apparent.








You can check all the winner at Nuffnang awards winners and as you know there are one blog which got 3 awards. Congratulation to her.

As for Nuffnang, as much as I am criticising your company on the handling of the event, I think you guys did a good job. I know it was not an easy event to hold and the logistic of moving 400 people from 4 countries, I can just imagine the nightmare.

Maybe the part of handling the award dinner should have been given to an event company. At least all your staff could have enjoyed the dinner and not having to work that night. Then, we as the bloggers could have got to know them more.

All these are just my observations. For many, it might have been the best night of their life. Good luck in your future awards show....


Swee San said...

omg i second u on the emcee... i thought he was a bit sacarstic towards... some winners..

kenwooi said...

wasn't there..
read your review..
seems good.. but of coz.. there are always hickups here and there.. =)


Mizzsharon said...

Hey, very thoughtful post.
I am not part of Nuffnang M'sia, did not attend the awards show, and therefore, not much opinion on that side of things.
However, I did read a lot on other people's blogs that alot of Nuffnangers tend to group among themselves. They tend stick to their own people. Thus, the feeling of solo-ness when you were there.

kruel74 said...

Swee San - Maybe a blogger well verse in blogging is a better choice

Kenwooi - It was their first time. So, forgivable

Mizzsharon - I think you can get through when you talk to them but those who already know each other tend to flock together..

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