November 8, 2009


I have always wanted to be a Ninja since I read Eric Van Lustbader's Ninja Cycle. Some of the books like The Ninja and White Ninja couldn't be more apparent but some of the sequal like The Miko and Floating City had displaced the hero by the name of Nicholas Linnear somewhere else.

Ever since Lustbader became the alter ego of the estate of Robert Ludlum, I have dropped Eric Lustbader as my author of choice.

And then, a few ninja movies about Ninja have surfaced. One of it is Ninja Assassin with the Korean superstar Rain as the Ninja. I wonder whether he will be more than what he could be in Speed Racer.

If I am a Ninja, you will find me looking like this and very, very inefficient as I wear spectacles. As I hate to poke my eyes, wearing contact lenses is out of the question :

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