November 3, 2009

The Singapore Flyer

When I was in Singapore in June with my family, we did contemplate the Singapore Flyer as it is quite near the hotel we were staying. I am not really a fan of observation wheels if what we can see on top of a tall building is the same as being on top of one. However, being taken on a tour where the itinerary gives you the opportunity to see what is on offer, I didn't miss the chance.

What does this tallest observation wheel, standing at 165 metres or a 42 storey building has to offer? It takes 30 minutes for it to make one whole circle. It is supposed to be the world's largest observation wheel. It carries 28 people with full air condition in each coach. And there are 28 coaches in total. When I was inside it, I couldn't feel it was moving and I could only see construction sites. Maybe if the casinos and the area around it has been completed, it may show a better view.

On its own, unless you really love being on top of the world, it may not offer anything to see. Yet. However, there are a few things which may makes it a perfect venue for certain event. The coach can be turned into a dining coach for you and your love one. Or maybe even a party. There's an offer for a full-butler sky dining with a package of S$199-00. It can even be a dinner party for 10 persons. There's champagne and VIP treatments.

As for themed event, there are the Singapore F1 Night Race which is just one of the time where you love to see the 80% of the race track. The last Singapore F1 turned Singapore into one big party central and with the purchase of the tickets to ride the Singapore Flyer, you have access to all these parties.

Maybe next time, when there are events, either as private as a marriage proposal or as public as an F1 race, if you are in the vicinity, why not do it on the Singapore Flyer.





 The In-Flight Compass

You can see where is where

The Singapore port

The F1 paddock


The would-be casino

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Ratty said...

Only your pictures can help me imagine what it would be like to be in a thing like this. I've been on much smaller Ferris wheels, but never anything even approaching the size of this. Just the idea is fascinating.

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