November 17, 2009

Would M.Nasir/Ramli Sarip be given the same treatment

I just saw Sir Bob Geldof being given a VIP welcome in the local television station. He was touring the place and was then seen having a discussion with a few of the senior management of the television station. The newscaster then said, he was there to share his ideas. He is in Malaysia to talk at the Youth Engagement Summit which was held for youth to interact with world leaders. Among the imminent persons who had given talks and answered questions among other were Geldof, Randi Zuckenberg of CNN, Biz Stone of Twitter and Malaysia's own Fernandes of AirAsia.

I did not attend this event although I wanted to as the fee is too much to pay for little old me. I actually am thankful when I didn't attend as the Twitter-feed I was reading when the event was going on showed speeches which can be read again and again in their books and other events. Some of the participants who was interviewed said they were inspired by getting to question their idol. There was this one guy who was trying to get Geldof to commit to a Band Aid type of event in Asia. He was actually considered to be rude and uncouth in his attempt to do such thing. I consider him to be brave although a tad foolish.

Who is this Geldof actually? He is a singer-songwriter and in short a rocker in the 70s. He had successfully organised a few events which are best known to raise money for Africa and one of the famous one is Band Aid where other band came and perform while they raise money for the famine in Ethiopia. It was considered a success. The current group MD of the Malaysian television station who had invited Geldof is well-known for his charity work. So, maybe that is why he invited Geldof to pick his brain.

Malaysia has its share of rockers and well-known person giving their all to charity. I am just wondering whether of them are singer-songwriters or even those who has anything to do with music to be as charitable or as inventive in trying to raise money for charity as Geldof. Here in Malaysia, among a few of the well-known musicians are M.Nasir and Ramli Sarip. I wonder how will they fare in fundraising.

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