November 8, 2009

Best time to read textbook is when there is no exams

I was a post-graduate student a few months ago. Where I had to cram reading books and memorising Islamic finance terms for the examinations that I have to pass to get my scroll. I am not really out of it yet. Meaning, I still have to deliver something to my university in the form of an exemption paper. I have managed to get this exemption due to the experience I have gained for the past 10 years as a lawyer. I now have to relate the course I took to my experience as a lawyer. It means that I have to show the influence or the usage of Islamic finance in being a lawyer in Malaysia. As my legal firm has been servicing Islamic banks since its inception, it is not really a stretch for me to do this.

The only problem is for me to start doing it. I have been sitting on this paper for nearly 4 months now. My last examination paper was in June 2009. I had managed to gain 2 distinction for the 12 papers that I took. Not bad for someone who hates to study. I usually like to use common sense when I study. I try to understand the concept of each Islamic finance terminology and then apply it to an everyday situation. It usually works as I seem to have the knack to convey messages quite well. It may not gain me any credence as a great student but it helps me to pass my exams.

And don't you think that the best time for you to gain knowledge is when you know that what you read is for you to know and not for some exams which you are trying to pass? Usually, when you are a kid, you will be trying to get out of reading when your parents ask you to read. When I was a kid, I had this weird exception. I learn all the lessons reserved for kids who are attending high school while I was still in primary school. I was still learning how to subtract and about the dynamics of probability but I was already learning the basic of algebra then. That was all thanks to my mother who had sent me to this math teacher who was just supposed to babysit me. As the only way for her to entertain me is through math, she gave me an old math schoolbook for me to play with.

Boy, was it fun.

When I reached the age which I am supposed to learn the same subject, I was already bored with it. It was even my downfall. I was too engrossed with mathematical problems of higher level that I neglect to revision the subjects which I was to be tested.

However, I did managed to graduate from high school although I was not the best student or those who received accolades. Being able to pass without studying is still my forte. It may not makes me the well-known one among my family. That is for my second brother to bask in as he is a doctor. Everyone will always rely on the doctor the most, who can save live, in contrast with the lawyer whose only gift is the gift of the gab...


Ratty said...

I used to read textbooks in school for enjoyment. Where I went to school they gave us textbooks, but then they never used them. I began to read them and soon found out that they were all very entertaining. Maybe more teachers should encourage the students to read their textbooks, and try to make it fun.

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