March 1, 2009

Being vocal

As a lawyer, there is a tendency for people to expect you to be vocal in certain issues. Why become a lawyer if you are going to sit at a corner and do not participate in the ongoing discussion? One of my hated quote is when someone suddenly see me there and conveniently said "There's a lawyer here for us to refer". As I have post once about lawyers giving wrong advice I have said that lawyers are accountable for their advice if they are in the midst of doing their job, but they may not be liable to all free advices that they give. By asking questions at social event or even at official event in which they are not properly appointed, the advice will not make them accountable but it may just might makes them look dumb if they don't know how to answer.

This posting is about people who just keep quiet if they are faced with issues which will affect their livelihood or environment. There are too many people nowadays are what you call the silent majority although they will be huffing and puffing when what ever catasthrophe struck them personally. People don't care about the issue of security at home until they were rob. The issue of environment until there are uncollected rubbish. The issue of health until they don't have adequate area to exercise. Simple issue but it can affect the way you live.

What has me rile up is the issue which is affecting me personally. I was so riled up that it was all I could think about while I was jogging. Usually, I rarely like to think of anything beyond the then and there. As I am in the profession of when the shit hits the fan (going to court, the other part of doing agreements and all people tends to forget) people always assume a lawyer will be a plus in any society or association as they can step up to the plate when the time comes. As I mention, people tend to forgets there are all sorts of lawyers and some never ever seen a courtroom. Being vocal may come naturally to some lawyers but not all are bless with the gift of the gab. Some are just good at other matter that needs a lawyer.

Where do I stand in this? If push come to shove, if the time are appropriate and the matter is something close to my heart, I might, just might shoot of my mouth. The problem is I will turn red if I am a bit flustered by the matter. You can see if I am passionate about a matter or not. Sometimes, if I fancy a fight, whether the matter is something I am passionate about or not, I just get in the ring even if it is a losing battle. In short, I can be a debater if I want to and that was why sometime people get to know that man who was sitting quietly just now at the corner is a lawyer...

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