March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

At the time I am writing this, I am not really sure what I will be doing during Earth Hour. As I am left alone to my own device as the wife has a course at one of the hotel in town and as it is a Saturday, most of my friends already have plans either with family or for a night about town. There are a lot of activities in a few places in town and they seem to try to still entertain themselves and their patrons with things that they can do without any electricity. There are even singing and dancing which sparked a debate between my staff and I on Friday as we were trying to figure out how are they going to do it without any electricity. But, since time immemorial they already have theaters and stages so I don't think going medieval is a problem.

Can earth be saved still? I mean, there is a debate in Malaysian newspaper and blogosphere when a few brave (lost) soul shoot off and said that this earth hour is just a gimmick and even contended that power supply will surge at 9.30pm when all the light which were switched off come on all at once. As for me, being a sceptic due to the later Michael Crichton controversial book, State of Fear, which questioned every single events which are said to have happened due to global warming as mere gimmicks (how was that for being sceptical, wrote a book?) I don't believe humans can really kill the earth as it has been here for so long. What can happen is the earth can save itself, humans are the one need saving. Not earth. And I don't think we can even survive another 100 years. Unlike earth...

Even so, as sceptical as I am, it is just too fun and too out of touch of me to not join in. I believe my neighbourhood will not observe this event as the demographic are full of uncaring people. Although I am the resident's association's vice chairman, we didn't plan for anything to observe this event. My parents will just shrug off this event as they are people who can't understand this alien concept. Maybe the best is for the power supply company to lost power during this time so we can just REALLY save power. Why not? Lost in revenue? Getting sued for doing it? If all those factories really care, they should join in. If the government is really serious, just turn of the switch. All the emergency lights can come on and I bet the good samaritans can manned those traffic lights like what happened in 1996 when half of Malaysia plunged into darkness due to a power grid failure.

Anyway, I better get going to see whether this thing is really happening here...

Easier to be in darkness with eyes like cats


Tink said...

I participated tonight. It was good to sit in a room lit by candles, very romantic and for a good cause! :)

Grace said...

uwah.. that's a scary cat

kruel74 said...

Update : I did have fun with my cats as I light only one light while letting them roaming around

Grace : She does look scary in that pose but she is the sweetest one of the 4

Hicham said...

I agree with your point regarding that humans need to be saved, however I think that the global warming is something serious.

The kyoto protocol was found for reducing the harmful effect but leaders of many nations are still argumenting about it. Anyway I've participated.

p.s. sweet kitty :)

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