March 29, 2009

Civic duty

These few years, the word of corporate social responsibility have been bandied around as business people realised that they could not exist in a vacuum while they reap the benefit of doing business. They may not want to but if they do they actually are respected more and even gain new businesses. Especially those who want their electrical devices or gadgets to be used by everyone on earth. They even use these causes as a branding on their products. Never have been the word 'Eco' are more abused than on electrical products. I really hope those products which have this word are really helping us to save the world.

It has been a clarion call last night when Earth Hour was celebrated observed by the city of Kuala Lumpur. It had been done for a few years but this year, through blogs, television and all sort of mediums, it seems to be a big thing. It may not have helped the earth itself as I have written in yesterday's post, humans are the one that need saving. However, one must understand, the website of Earth Hour is there for us, all the people in the world to vote for earth and show a conference at the end of 2009 how much people want for these powerful nations to make a change. Earth Hour is a message and not a supposedly  one hour which will save the earth. The arguments back and forth how much turning ligths off for an hour will help is moot point. 

There were a few companies which owned buildings which jumped on the bandwagon including the owner of the tallest building in the world until a few years ago. Yes, Malaysia once had the tallest building in the world. It was dark yesterday. Did they did it out of civic duty? Who cares? As long as the message goes through, it is the least we can do. Let us hope they will do it again and again as the earth turns and provides for us.

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