March 2, 2009

Fallibility of profession

There is this tendency for everyone to think that certain profession entails certain privileges. That privileges can be something which they can get from being in that particular profession or they are immune to certain matters which other are susceptible to. What I am saying is when you enter into a privilege profession such as those under the heading of professional, what the profession is suppose to do for other people shouldn't happen to those who has the title of the job on their resume.

A doctor shouldn't fall sick. They do, they are just as human as anyone and they are the one who are more susceptible to sickness than others. Some culture even believe treating patients every day will make you catch disease or you are more prone to disease as you actually transferred whatever the disease brings to you. Nurses and those who works near sick people are also within this category.

A lawyer couldn't get sued. I post two articles on the liability of lawyers (Police report here and there and What if a lawyer gives the wrong advice?) and I even have a reader commenting they thought a lawyer cannot be sued. Lawyers are so susceptible to being sued that our mandatory insurance have increased year to year.

Politician who are immune from all persecution. Most thinks that they are the one who held power in every decision in the country and they are not supposed to be like any other mortal. Those who holds the highest office in the country expect to be treated like a VIP everywhere. Then they went to another country and they are just another citizen in another country. For those who lost their seats in election, when they are not accorded the same respect they got when they were in power, it must be sobering for them. That is why some try to hold to the power as long as they can. I think this apply to civil servant with high office too. I know a few of them who have fade away and only have a few friends who are willing to visit him.

These are all just some sobering thoughts for those who hide behind their profession to feel powerful or immune from any matter that most people have to content with everyday. Whether you are a police officer, a judge, a fireman and all those who face danger everyday. As long as you are on the job, you will have to retire someday or forced to retire. Or you will have to use the service of some of your peers, which you may not like. There were a few Hoolywood movies which dealt with this issues. One is titled the Doctor starring William Hurt which dealt about a doctor who was diagnosed with a fatal disease and became a patient. Another is Regarding Henry with Harrison Ford in it where a lawyer became a gunshot victim who suffered from amnesia. Although both are about medical condition, it is about human conditions...

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