March 15, 2009

Viewpoints from different professions

I have this running argument with the wife. It is about the different perspective on the worth of money in my profession and hers. She has always been working in the insurance industry and I have always been a lawyer. Everytime I had a talk with the insurance agent, who is her friend, I will be coming back home and lamenting about how the insurance company is a blood sucking machine which is interested in taking my money.

Never mind the fact that I was the one who wanted to have enough coverage for any medical expenses or if anything ever happen to me, I have always made a stand that insurance company survives only people's money which they then use for their own investment. When the investment goes bad, all that the people are left with is a piece of worthless paper. That's my personal opinion anyway, which is nearly what I felt about banks.

However, the argument that I always had with my wife is the worldview of someone working in different industry. Each time she tells me of someone who has to pay a few hundred thousands as premium to get a coverage of millions, I will say that is a huge some of money. She will then say that millions are nothing to her as in her industry million is just a small number. She has a client who covers themselves in billions and her budget for every month is also quite high.

She always ask me to compare when I handle cases which involve money which run into millions. To me that will be just another court case which is nothing to shout about. She also says that to her going to court in which she is expected to answer to a judge will scare her but to me that will be just like any other day. Same with a doctor, seeing a vroken leg or blood gushing should not send him running away but he should know what to do. As with pilots who suddenly feel afraid when he sees a storm cloud ahead.

It all is just a matter of perspective and of familiarity. Right?


Lisalicious said...

I think the way that the agents pushed the insurance to others creates really bad thinking in the sense that you can earn really a lot from selling its kinda overated!

to me, I see insurance as coverage for health...

basically, I see there are lots of insurance brands out there and I find Great Eastern is still the best among all..... simply because they pay the claims faster and earlier than other insurances as well as, they do what they preached in the contract...
in fact not many has few guarantees given like them

and no, I am not an Insurance Agent, lolx

Ratty said...

When you do something every day, it becomes routine. And you understand the reasons for it much better than another person. It's very difficult for another inexperienced person to understand those things.

kruel74 said...

Lisa - We cannot deny the need for them

Ratty - Yes, we have a saying here in Malaysia, only a diamond cutter knows a real diamond from the fake one

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