March 4, 2009

Is customer STILL always right?

Yes, this is the words of the marketing guru in which people are said to be the epitome of successful business. Listen to your customer. The Wal-Mart founder, Sam Walton did it. All those CEOs who wrote how-to books on how to do business have advice you to listen to your customers. That is why we get the behemoth SUVs on the road as a petrol guzzling monster which seems to take space and also the ozone. Yes, yes, I know, it gives you the convenience of carrying all those kids that you have and you do need to do that as a normal car couldn't do it properly.

The question remain, how many businesses nowadays really listen to their clients or customers. The doctors are those who never listen to their clients as they are the one who must know better than all their clients. No one expect to go the the doctor and asked for them to be treated differently if that particular doctor has a  good success rate in saving lives. Health are so important in many people's mind that they are willing to do so many things which they would normally wouldn't do if they are asked by any normal person. Those shamans and witch doctors also managed to convince people that they can cure illnesses. People would drink potions or even do horrible things to themselves to be cured of ailments.

As for my profession, the lawyers, people rarely ask for you to handle yourself differently in court if your success rate is good in getting people from getting into jail or from being punish with capital punishment, you are the one who dictate to the client on how to act. In my experience, we even go to the minutest detail including on how to dress when it comes to trial. And sometimes, that little thing will help in determining your freedom or otherwise. Some lawyers wouldn't start a trial before certain things are done as they have their own way of doing things as trials does not just rely on eloquence to be won. As for agreements and procedures, are not lawyers are the place people refers whether they can sue or get sued for doing something?

Clothes, you say? When was the last time you heard a designer follow a trend? Of course there are those who manage to build on industry by trying to see what the people on the street is wearing or are comfortable in. However, most designers designs from their hearts and not through what people think is good for them. Maybe that is also why there so many fashion victims on red carpets when the time for them these thespians to show their favourite designer. These artistes are not designers themselves and these designers will always design on their whims and fancies.

Politicians? Yeah right, they always dictate their constituents choice of anything.

Civil servants? Hmmm....

Computer programmers or applications designers? They may follow your taste but they still do it their way.

Maybe the real true businesses which still hear the people's voices are the restaurateur who do cooks according to the taste of their customers. This may not be true to famous cooks as they dictate the current taste that people should experience on their palate. Even some, like Jamie Oliver, tried to change the schoolchildren taste by cooking for them. Did it work? 

Wait, I think the last one left are just the porn industry players as they really know what do the people wants but they also seems to be in dire straits as they also have asked congress to save them in the stimulus package. Did they get any?

Or is no one really listening to their customers anymore?

The easiest customers to pleased, or is it?


cabincrew are here to kick ur ass said...

cabincrew pun suruh dengar cakap customer jugak.haih. T_T

service wise je lah.kalau safety n security reason,tendang keluar flight kalau takmau dengar cakap.

kruel74 said...

Kalau dia buat hal sendiri part keselamatan tu pening kepala lah lagi u all...

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