March 14, 2009

For the first time

I have to take a break. For the first time I don't really have a post. After 6 months, I hope it can be considered as a rightful break. I am currently in the midst of finishing my assignment for my Islamic finance Masters class. The dateline was 14.3.09 and this post will be up 1 minute before the clock turn to 15.3.09 and I will be later by at least 3 hours sending in my assignments. The beauty of an open university, the submission is online and I only meet my professors if I choose to which is rare. Usually I only talk to them during seminars which I chose to attend. I survived till now.

I had a full day today, going for a talk by two prominent lawyers who are well verse in Intelectual Property and Defamation. Both relate these legal issue to the blogging world. I will post an update on what happened that day. Met a few bloggers there and to tell the truth I would never started a conversation if not for them saying hello. One of them already blogged about meeting me but let me link to her site later too. After the seminar I went to one my staff who was getting married for the second time. She was a widower who met another widower. 

Then at night, I was at the Bar Council dinner. The new President of the Bar was introduced and the former one, who was recognised by a prominent United States body on woman's achievement bestowed her an award. I am too lazy to look up what award she received but I know she received it from Hillary Clinton, the USA new Secretary of State. I may post something on that later too. The dinner was boring and I was seated at a table with too a few who had one too many. I managed to get away by 11pm.

I actually have many stories to tell from the events today but as I said, I am too tired and is chasing a more important dateline. So, for the first time, my post is more personal and not like my usual one but even a post which is supposed to say I am unavailable looks like I am trying to tell a story...
Till later

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