March 10, 2009

What I gain 6 months of intense blogging_Part 2

From yesterday's posting,  click here for  Part 1
I started blogging due to me wanting to publish my own content. I see blogging as a media and not as a revolutionary tool which might change how people live. It is a communication tool, a mass media or a blank page for you to write. As much as what the newspaper or the television or the movie has been doing all along. The only thing about it is how cheap it can be in contrast with other medium. Anybody can blog and it can be done privately and anonymously. Until now no one really know how to control or regulate blogs or more accurately the internet. Some have tried and find that it is too costly. How do you regulate a community nearly as encompassing as the earth and as widespread.

Another thing that I have gain through blogging indirectly are the new friends whom I 'met' and exchange ideas with. Some I know only through blogosphere like Ratty, a guy who blogs everyday under the blog the Everyday Adventurer. Read him for an adventure in the beautiful side of the United State. He never reveal his face and I only have his word that he is a guy living where he said he is. He had given 2 blog awards to me in which one of it I still need to blog about. There are others whom I also met through local forum such as bloggers united or through pure blog visits. I learn to appreciate these 'conversations' although I may not have the same point of view with them. Hey, even in real life you would not agree 100% with everyone. 

There are others whom I kind of met or try to follow when they followed me through my blogs, my Plurks and my Twitter. That follower revamped that Bloggers did suddenly surged my following to a few more. There are also technocrati and feedburner which helps to promote blog and manage to garner me some more readers.  I did not really manage to follow them all for the same reason as above as which is either I may not really interested in what they write or I just don't have the time. However, I do try to visit their blogs at least once a week.

I find that blogging community is much different from a readership if you are publishing the local newspaper or magazine. In blog, people talk back. People will encourage, befriend and there are those whose motive are trying to sell you something. It is a community after all and there those missing pockets around the world as when you choose your language, the other who 'talk' in other language are shut out. I did question once where are the Chinese, the Spanish, the Arabs and all the other lingua franca around the world? We seems to have only English speaker when we connect. Read that take here.

So, in conclusion, what I gain is experience. Experience in publishing. In gaining new friends. In maximizing your readership and some monetary gain. In exploring new business ideas. To the new friends, thanks for coming to my blog, following me and giving me your ideas.  It may not be much but as I posted once it is a way for me to fill up the time...

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Ratty said...

The feedback through the coments is a huge advantage that blogs have over newspapers. The other advantage is, of course, reading things from all over the world. It would be nice if somebody would make a web browser that did instant translation into the user's chosen language. That would tear down one of the last barriers.

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