March 12, 2009

How to gain more unique visitors to your site

I have been blogging for nearly 6 months now and I have written what my experience is this last 6 months. You can access the two postings of what I have gained here and here. This post is on how I manage to increase my blog traffic from 25 to 50 unique hits per day to 180 to 300 per day. This may seems like cheating but before you accuse me of that please know that I have managed to get a few readers and new friends through these two aggregators. As many of my followers and blog friends have come from these

I also think that there are so many probloggers who says that they have hundreds or even thousands over unique visits use these sites to promote their blog. I may be wrong as I also know a few of them like the former Prime Minister of Malaysia who reached a million unique visits within 5 months of blogging until he had to change his webhost to a bigger capacity. His which refers to his nickname of course is followed by a lot of Malaysian either locally or those who stayed outside of Malaysia. All posting will generate unique comments of 150 to 500+. From what I know his blog sold advertisement space at RM1000-00 (USD$285-00) per spot per day and it is filled up everyday.

There are also a few which I follow such as Lady Java and Mariuca who used their blogs as money generator. Their readers are mostly from USA and every once in a while there will be post paid appearing on their blog. As they have loyal readers and quite a number of them are blog friends, their comment sections are full of the same commentor who use the comment section as a place to chat. They seems to use the same two aggregators to promote their blog. 

These aggregators that I have been mentioning are  ENTRECARD and BLOGEXPLOSION which can be found within the landing page of this blog. For entrecard, there is a widget with an advertisement with the word E at the corner. Some use widget with bigger E but all have the same place for other bloggers to DROP their card. It is like dropping your business card telling that particular blog owner you have come and view their blog. The only complain is that some of the droppers do it too fast and under Goggle Analytic, that is considered as a bounce. A bounce is as if those who view your blog was there for too short a time and was not really reading your blog. In some cases it may be true but that is where your penmanship or good blog postings come into play. The more engaging your blog, the more time that particular visitor will stay. As for me, I got to know many new blogs which have now become a must read when they update.

As for Blogexplosion, they engage you with a directory and the games. The games that they have are those that I go for. I am a regular in their Blog Rockets : which let you be one of the 25 blogs listed and you rocket to the top before somebody add theirs and you are knocked off; their Battle of the Blog where you choose an opponent and others will vote between these two which is the better blog; and finally the Blogexplosion Blog Tycoon where you try to visit as much blogs as possible before being discovered. Blogexplosion had their problems a few months back but it seems they have solve it. Both of these aggregators have helped me to raise my income too.

Try it...and maybe your blog may be the next big thing...

p/s - Visits those sites I mentioned above and see their Page Rank and Alexa Ranking


Ratty said...

These are two of the most valuable tools for any blogger. It is not cheating. It is good advertising. Your posts like this one have been very good. This is the kind of lesson everyone who is starting a blog needs.

Kujie said...

Blog BI selalunya tiada masalah...

good information for newbies

kruel74 said...

Yes, hope it does help those out there who want to advertise. If not for both of them, I wouldn't have met you Ratty and if not for Nuffnang I would have met Kujie

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