March 6, 2009

Government now is the shareholders

All business starts with much aplomb and fanfare. At least there will be friends and relatives coming over to see the opening of a shop or the service that you are offering. Some have to do the officiating ceremony months later as they want a VIP who may not be available on the day when they starts their business. For Malaysians, there are some who go to feng shui masters, shamans and all sorts of fortune tellers to see which is the best date for them to start their business. They believe that date will bring them more business than they normally would on any other date.

But it seems that these past few years all business models can be thrown out of the window. The safest financial model, the best company, the all knowing oracle of business and finance, all have been proven wrong. Even those who says they have predicted all these financial debacles are scratching their heads. They keep saying they have known it but on what to do, they are lost. All government are owning business now. They have bought into companies which are in dire need of savings. Even the porn industry is asking for a handout or a bailout.

Welcome to our world, I say. Hope you now will learn how hard it is to raise a penny. It maybe fun to be the boss but it is never easy. Especially of you need to save a dying business. Look at our airline, Malaysia Airline System (MAS). It manage to turn around itself but for the coming years? Hmmm.... Then, maybe you can make your service more efficient for us...and please play fair.

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