October 31, 2009

More sights and faces at Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009

We actually didn't know there was an official photographer who could take the picture
so we took one ourselves

My wife with an Australian blogger

 Our picture taken by BossMing's mom
(he is the co-founder of Nuffnang)

The appetizer, and yes, they are Pringles (one of the night's sponsors)

The red is the original (nyums); the black/brown is the wild something (I like...); the pink is shrimp (er....) and the green at the back is seaweed (not my cup of tea)

As I was hungry, I ate everything in sight...

The wife with her souvenir book

My wife with one of the Malaysian Nuffies,
Actorina (yes, she is supposed to be an actor)

The souvenir that night, some sugary thing which I ate halfway by the time the food arrive

Met Jojo Struys and talked with her about a comedy show
where she was also in the audience a few nights before that
(I tweeted her during that show and she Direct Message me but we didn't talk, weird huh)

...to be continued. Gonna milk this award show for all its worth. Too lazy to blog about anything else


Kujie said...

best, clean & clear gambar2nya...

Penton said...

Hi Kruel!

Michelle was looking for your blog url... She said she wanna "keep in touch" with you :P

Don't worry, I wouldn't bothered to ask her how she is going to "keep" and "touch" you! wakakakaa

kruel74 said...

Kujie - pakai point n shoot je
Penton - Thanks for your interest but I love woman... ;)

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