January 28, 2009

Where's the other people?

Where are the billions of people which supposedly are also connected by internet throughout the world? The people in China, Arab countries, Japanese, Germans,  and all those other races which dominate our televisions and movies. Then I realised something, they may not blog in English or their website are dominantly in other language. They have their own language and we may never get to know them unless those who list their blog as dominantly in English but they actually have their own fanbase and may even be as popular as the one that is known throughout the blogging world as the ultimate blog.

Can you attest that there is no Chinese blogger out there who are as famous as you? Their raking may not be known to you as they may localise their content to their part of the world. Europe? Most that I see are from Britain or those expatriate who are currently residing in European countries but still use English as their everyday language.

I am an avid fan of Haruki Muarakami whom I never knew exist if not for his translatred work. How do I know I am not attracted to a blog which is in a different language? In Malaysia, the Malays have their own aggregator and the Chinese do blog in their own language. Some don't install the babel fish translator but even if they do, I wouldn't have the time to sift through all their work to see whether they are good or not.

I consider myself as quite new in this blogging world so this maybe a dumb question, but do you ever wonder of the same issue?


Ratty said...

Yes, I do wonder this! I have looked at maps of visitors to my blog, and those places almost never show up. I wondered exactly the same thing, whether they were there or not. I knew some of them did, but I never saw them. I also wondered if anyone else ever thought about these things.

Great subject for this post. It makes me think about these things even more.

SyaFia said...

smart subject.. where the other people..

hint: if u search something from the bar (top of blogger site) i never get english blog.. almost always will be other languange

Lisalicious said...

I find most from China uses myspace...I have a few visitors from there ...

and some do use blogger.com as well

WTJ said...

well, different language has their own niche. more often it's the problem of which language can better expressed yourself.

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