September 6, 2009

2 serious 1 funny 15Malaysian

There are still 2 weeks to go before the project called 15Malaysia will end. There were 3 releases last week which showed us more sides to the Malaysian life. One is an ode to Malaysia, one is a political statement (even has a politician as its main character) and the final one is sarcasm coated with a tongue in cheek sitcom. Maybe Malaysia is not perfect as shown in all of the short films but to those living within it and fighting for it to exist, like all those who love their country, they accept its flaws and love it, warts and all.

Here are another three short films from 15Malaysia :

by Kamal Sabran

A poetry using moving pictures and the reference of Lumpur or Mud is how water and dirt are mixed to create that concoction which may look dirty (pun intended) but to some, that is where they were born and have lived for quite a while. As this short is released on 31st August, the national day of Malaysia, it is an apt ode indeed.
by Tan Chui Mui
An utopia in the future where people have all they want as long as they follow the authority is shown through a kind of a stop motion with real life actor acting out scenes where one person's mistake of speaking made the authority silencing him through scare tactics. True to Malaysia and nearly all the country in the world today as authority clamped shut those who does not conform. Those who knows it will chuckle at the acting skill of one politician who is always being arrested for his stand.
by Woo Ming Jin
Laugh at your own peril then think of the message the filmmaker is sending. 2 persons who may be a politician and another who is asking for his favour negotiating for a contract to his favour being eavesdropped by a pirated DVD seller. When he saw the politician asking everything up to underwaer of the person's asking the favour, he emulates it when he was caught by the police. In reflection, the filmmaker is asking, which was worse, those in power receiving/giving favours or those who emulates what they do?


Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

One future is freaking creepy

kruel74 said...

Creepy but a good commentary of Malaysia

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