September 9, 2009

Is life really about the journey and not the destination?

If you look up there at the title of this blog, after the word Legal Cat-asthrophe, I put down some words from one of the a Rock gods, called Aerosmith. Not sure whether it was Tyler or any other member who came up with the lyrics or whether it is original or not, but I get to know this maxim from them. I love the idea they tried to propose when I get to know them more intimately, which was not when the album Pump came out but was when I bought one of their many compilation.

Is life really about the journey? As I grow older, I believe this to be less and less. I now believe the destination is as important as the journey. Not just that, the destination is the one thing that set the tone of the journey. If you don't believe in the ending, you might not stay for the whole movie. You might let go while you should be holding on.

After a while, I thinking both is as important. You need to keep your eye on the goal while you need to ensure your journey is worthwhile. The people you meet along the way. The life you affected as you tread through the world. The simple thing and the complicated matter entrusted to you.

You are just here for a while, maybe sometimes you need to look around to see the big picture.


Ratty said...

I bought Pump when it came out and immediately loved the song with this line because of it. It made me think deeply about this too. You're right, both journey and destination are equally important. But life is the journey with little destinations along the way that leads up to the final destination. If we lose our way and have a bad journey we will never find the correct destination.

Patricia said...

thanks, this is so true. i havent been thinking much about the said two and have been blindly forcing my way through just about everything.

i think this is going to keep my head busy for a while :)

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