September 4, 2009

Know how to delegate

My wife said to her friends, with a bit of sarcasm, I am great at delegating works. She was telling her friend whose husband is an electrician and is always seem to be doing work which can be left to one of his worker. The man was a banker before he decided to learn about being an electrician and now has too many request for his expertise that usually if we want him to work on our house, he can only comes after 2 weeks. At least. I think the career change was the best thing that could happened to him. 

I also have an associate in my office who is older than my partner and I. She is always in a hurry everytime I see her as she rarely delegate her work. She has this tendency never to trust anyone will be capable to emulate her expertise in doing her job. Due to this, she is always bogged down with work that she rarely has time for us to discuss with her how to expand her network.

As for me, I always do my work according to the whether anybody else in the office can do the work or not. Unless the work is my assignment from my university or some of my projects which I rarely asked anyone else to do. If I have hire someone to do a job, I expect them to do the job. I never believe in the mantra, "If you want something to be done perfectly, you must do it yourself". Then why do you pay them those hard-earned money in the first place. Your job is to ensure they do their work well and praise or scold them for a job well done or badly done. To me, that is what being in management is.

Do you believe in delegating?


Lisalicious said...

very true.

I have a friend who is having the same problem as your associate. He never trust anyone under him to perform the job at his expectation. He always complain about being busy and that they are all incapable.

When I see it , it is more like how well you delegate and 'scold' them when needed. Trusting his staff is a must if he needs to 'get somewhere'

julian said...

Makes sense, I have trouble delegating though... need to learn to let go a bit

kruel74 said...

Lisa n Julian - I think both of you agree that delegating is important as everyone has a place in any business

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