September 16, 2009

5 films from 15Malaysia

There are 5 movies in this installment of 15Malaysia, a short film project showcasing 15 films by 15 different directors in honour of Malaysia Independence Day which fell on 31st August. I have seen all of the movie, except for the last one which is an animation. When the 14 other films were shown to us a month ago, the final film called 'Rojak' was still in post-production. It will be released today, 16th of September, which is significant to Malaysia as the day when Malaysia was born with Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia joined the federation). It may be a way for the producer, P1 Wimax and Pete Teo to commemorate the journey Malaysia has been through as a country. You can check my other installments of 15Malaysia here, here and here. Each has 3 films being reviewed and showcase.

Here are the 5 films with my review below each one of it :

by James Lee
This movie called Gerhana (Eclipse) is about a woman watching a television which is showing the news of the day which include a political turmoil in a state in Malaysia, the water crisis in another state and the spread of swine flu. All this is happening while a man who was sitting in a chair eats and talked to the woman. They commented on the issue at hand and seem to be in a plush hotel. It maybe a spin on a couple having an affair as the finale was while the news commentator talk about pictures of couple copulating surfacing on the internet, the man took a picture of his sleeping mistress.
by Benji Lim

This movie about a taxi driver made news even before it was released as the principal case, the taxi driver is a prominent politician. He is the Head of UMNO Youth (the youth section of the ruling party), who is controversial as he is the son-in-law of the former Prime Minister. In this film, he was being interviewed documentary-style by a film crew while people from all walk of life came in and out of his taxi. All done with tongue firmly in cheek as he actually made commentary about Malaysian politics where even he has played a part in. Issues like Malaysian football (where he is still a committee member of Football Association of Malaysia), usage of English in school, party hopping and the symbol of the Malay which is called the keris (short sword). Too Malaysian to be understood much by others.

by Johan John

Meaning 'Small Change' with reference to the money being paid by the man in the film who went to get some 'service' at a cheap brothel, the ensuing discussions between the man and a few of the prostitutes at the common area is the highlight with issues from expensive foodstuff to how hard to get a taxi. Simple but the comment on the plight of the people are highlighted. My favourite of all the films as the issues are real but the setting can be hardly called normal in Malaysian film.
by Khairil M Bahar

Another politician turn actor in this one with the current Minister of Health making an appearance as himself. A simplistic view of the current health scare like the epidemic of swine flu by labeling everything detrimental to health such as the pig, the beer bottle and nearly everything with a warning like those found on cigarette boxes.

by Nam Ron

This short film is by a director who I find to be very talented as I watched another of his film which is very brave in the issue that it tackles. This film is about kids who are kidnapped and forgotten by time. We have a spate of kidnapping of kids around Malaysia that made everyone worried as the police seem to be ineffective in solving these crimes. The film also blame abuses by parents which turn the pedophiles into who they are and then who inflict the same pain upon others.


Jerine said... it Jason Lo in that Meter movie? Long time never see him.

kruel74 said...

Yes, that is Jason Lo, the current CEO of Tune Talk, failed musicians (his words, not mine). That is why he is busy...

KNizam said...

cool movies.

- - - - -

selamat hari raya aidilfitri 1430h
maaf zahir batin. hehe :)

Bertukar senyuman dan salam ziarah-menziarahi
Tutur dan kata yang sopan saling memaafi
Suasana hari raya walau di mana pun jua
Memberikan ketenangan dan mententeramkan jiwa

keeyit said...

I watched too.. very funny~

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