September 7, 2009

Judges are asked to be selfish

If the words of the Chief Judge of Malaya is to be trusted (which people usually does), judges have been asked to be more selfish in giving adjournment to cases. The courts have placed a few new measures including having two active sessions in courts which include the afternoon to dispose of mentions (a process to determine the right date for a case to go on trial). 

I was at an event 2 weeks ago where the guest of honour was the Chief Judge of Malaya (he is only in charge of courts in West Malaysia. For East Malaysia, there is another Chief Judge and both are under another Chief Judge. Consider him The Boss) A lawyer asked why did the courts have 2 sessions making it hard for lawyer to divide their time.

That was when the "All judges are asked to be selfish..." remark was given. The idea is noble as they wanted to dispose all cases which were labelled as backdated and not become backlogged. We may not be as worse as India, which needed hundred of years to dispose all their cases (according to news article) but we do have a lot of backlogged cases. And the Chief Judge of Malaya pointed to lawyers who are the culprit as they love to ask for adjournment at a drop of a hat. 

So, no more honeymoon for lawyers and I believe for judges too. Get to work...

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