September 1, 2009

These guys are serious : Negarakudotnet gathering

I had the opportunity to join a group of bloggers whom I never met before last Friday (28.08.09) for an iftar (breaking of fast) gathering. It was held by a local Malaysian aggregator, by the name There was a bit of an embarrasing moment for my wife and I when we arrived at the appointed place and saw a bunch of very, very young group of guys (and a few girls) lounging around waiting for the organiser to make an appearance. My wife and I actually did not introduced ourselves until the one person (one of the organiser) whom I know beforehand came to the place.

There was a mixed-up on the booking and we had to look for alternatives to just break fast then meet again there for us to fill our stomach with real food such as the promised Roasted Chicken, which is the speciality of the restaurant that had mixed-up the organiser's order. Alas, the roasted chicken was out of stock by the time we got a table (5 tables made into one long table) and we ordered fishes among others to make do. It was a sastisfying meal but the organiser felt disheartened as they did not deliver the goods.

During dinner, I made my rounds, introduced myself to the nearly 30 bloggers from all ages but mostly they were all below 30s. I felt old. Not just old, but ancient. And being a blogger for about a year, it made me feel lost with all the geek jargons that they used. And these guys were scary. They reminded me of those geeks from the film Hackers, which I brought up to a few blank face as they did not consider the movie as cultish as I consider it to be. Most of them have at least 7 to 8 years of generation gap from me. How I wish to be at par like the gathering I had with my school buddies the day before.

Whatever it was, I was glad that I came (and I bet my wife did too) as we made new friends and we managed to widen our circles of friends. Generation gap is just an excuse and they are good at what they do which made them special in their own way. Heck, during my time, it was more cool to be yuppies than geeks unlike now. So, the meeting was enlightening to say the list and I hope they will include me in other gathering. I did sort of crashed on this one as I only knew one person among them. They seemed to be a close-knitted family though there were those who have just met.

As I am not as geeky as they are in term of computer or internet knowledge, they are quite handy to know.  Here are some of the pictures from that gathering :

p/s - They did have another session of iftar on Monday the 31st and I did came on the urging of one of them. I post that session later as there are many post I need to write first...


life4hire said...

sorry for all the trouble you guys have to go for the iftar..blame it all on me.. :)

lunaticg said...

You really like to go for a gathering ya? 8 years gap isn't that old.

kruel74 said...

life4hire - Don't be like that. It was a nice gathering

lunaticg - I relish knowing new friends...and I don't really have a problem being in company of younger persons

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