September 14, 2009

Twestival Local Kuala Lumpur was a success

It was a good night for an organiser of a charity event when the target you set was more than reached and everyone was satisfied with the event. Congrats to Niki Cheong who was the man of the hour (on his birthday month too) who handled most of the event with a few helps from his friends. You can read what transpired at the event through these other blogs :

1) Niki Cheong ( - Twestival KL : What a Night!;

2) Rames (Rames Studio) - Twestival KL : Tweet, Meet, Give;

3) Jason ( - Back from Twestival KL;

4) Serge ( - Stick your toungue out for Twestival KL;

They were there the whole time while I was missing for 1 hour as I went out for prayers for a while. However, I believe that what they wanted to achieve which was to get a computer and internet access for a halfway house called Destiny Starting Point in Klang which was to help delinquents. As a lawyer who practice criminal law for a while, I can say that I know delinquents need a lot of help to go back to the right way and for the management of the house when the Twestival managed to gain RM10,000-00 which was 5 folds than the targetted amount, that amount will go a long way for them to help the boys at the house.

Here are some photos which I managed to take while I was there :

The club with 1901 hotdogs stall giving out free hotdogs by the entrance
 The foot long hot dogs which I had 2 and were what I ate as I break from fasting
 The freebies in the goodies bag (Crocs stuff, vouchers, drink etc)

 The best find, a voucher for 2 free movie tickets
 2 of my Tweeter followers and followees, AprilYim (who has a Twitter t-shirt) and Fiona
 An activity during the event called Poken data exchange, a new geeky trend
 The place of the Twestival KL, a club called Mist
 Lucky draw time
 The biggest prize for the lucky draw which was a Lenovo desktop (I hate that guy)


EVo said...

Wah 1st time i'm hearing a twitter event bein organized for a noble cause...kudos! bringing u traffic frm negara china brudder!

kruel74 said...

Thanks for stopping by n missing u in all the events. Reading your blog everytime u update...Bring a china doll when u come back

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