September 19, 2009

Lawyers and forgiveness

Dome of the mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia

This post will be published on the eve of Eidul Fitri in Malaysia, the big day for Muslims all over the world, as we celebrate our achievement in our ability to fast for a whole month during Ramadhan. During this festive season, in which Malaysia will be experiencing a long weekend as Eid will fall on Sunday. Couple that with the fact that Malaysia love to extend such break into a whole week break, the city will be near empty. However, it will not be as empty as the Chinese New Year as most people of other faith will be in the city. I, myself will already be back at the office on Thursday as my office will only extend the holiday by just 1 day (which is rare for a company like us where everyone is a Muslim).

During this time of the year (which is never the same as Muslims calendar has shorter month than normal calendar), the same wishes will be at the lips of most Muslims. They will say "Have a Great Eidul Fitri, and Forgive Me for Everything". It is akin to saying Merry Christmas when that time of the year comes. This statement by Muslims around the world, is the most overused phrases during this time of the year and is printed on cards sent around or emailed around. Songs are sung with these words being the lyrics and everywhere people are giving out ang pow or packets stuffed with money with the tagline printed on it. In short, asking and giving forgiveness is the order of the day.

I have been blogging for more than a year and as to err is human, I may have done anything which might slighted others through this blog or the events that I attended or I forget to do something (such as ignoring comments, tags and such) or any of the thing that can be considered as blog etiquette or whatever is normal for a normal human being to do. As it is rare for a lawyer to do this as we build our career on not being agreeable at all with anything, unless it benefit us in some way, I also wanted to jump onto the bandwagon and wishes all that I have known through this blog the same phrase and shake your cyberhands in friendship and say to you :


p/s - as a lawyer I can't help but add (if any)


Alina said...

eid mubarak. minal aidil walfaizin.

kruel74 said...

Same to u my sister...

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