April 23, 2009

2 + 2 does not necessarily makes 4

Once, I had a discussion with this one CEO of a listed company which was developing a township near my area. Then, he was nearing his mandatory retirement age and was then perusing on who would he want to recommend to the Board of Director of the company as his successor. He was selective in everything that he does and choosing a successor to be recommended to the Board is no small matter for him. 

In all my dealings with him, he is one person who always wants to make a hill out of a mole hill as he always seems to have an idea about everything. My one accomplishment over him is when I managed to stump him this one time when we travelled to London and I introduced him to a Cockney friend who he admitted he couldn't understand what the guy was talking about. Hah!!!

Anyway, his issue on why he just couldn't recommend the most senior executive within his company who was his CFO as she was just too honest. As an accountant, the lady had been working with that particular company since she was 20 years old and had been with that particular CEO as his CFO for the past 11 years. The clincher to his decision is when he said "She is too honest. She just couldn't get around her head that 2 + 2 does not necessarily makes 4. As a CEO, she must understand that sometimes the rules are there to be bent accordingly".

As much as I hate this guy, I just couldn't not agree with him. He was right as a CEO should not decide base on what is in front of him. He must assess it, weight all his options and then through all the information that he has, he must then make sure that he can definitely say what he had decided is the best for the company. Even as a business owner, I sometimes have to make decision without following any management books. There is no definite answer to any issue. Sometimes, by not following the rule, you can make sure your company survives anything.

Oh, and that lady? She is now the CEO of the company after that guy retires. The company? As healthy as ever. Hmmm...Maybe 2 + 2 can still be 4 or she now knows how to make it not 4.

How many was that again? Let me use the calculator


moreincome said...

Sad that honesty and integrity are looked down these days. I suppose times have changed, and being clever and business savvy may be exclusive to honesty and intregrity.

I wonder what this exCEO would say if he went to a doctor who sold him expired medicine at normal prices. Very business savvy...no?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

a typical cina apek company i would say. maybe he wants someone to swindle his company's assets and run away for the post??..but the exCFO proved that she is capable. and he can die in peace... :P

kruel74 said...

Moreincome - He is too deep in himself even until now. He still goes to his old office as if he owns it

Calvin - Demographically, he is not an apek but that OTHER race. Yes, I think she is more than capable, and that guy is eating his word

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