April 27, 2009

Marketeers nowadays really love clients feedback

As I had posted in earlier, I went for a gathering of customers of a local online advertisement portal which  called a few of us for a meet-up. The website name is mySimplifieds.com. I got to know them when I used their service to post a few advertisements as a local blog advertisement agency was promoting their contest which would have given the winner an F1 tickets. As they really wanted to know their users and being relevant to the youth market, they used Nuffnang which is a supposedly hip blog advertising company to reach out. So, they sent email to a few of us and asked us whether we want to meet them for a meet-up.

As I was interested in knowing who they were and what they had to offer, I replied their email and they invited me to come and as they said to bring something to sell, I scoured my house and found a few old  magazines to sell. I really thought they were going to give each of us a table and we could open stalls and such. How wrong was I...

There were only a bunch of us, I think the most was 30 people and most of them were corporate people who had something to offer. Some work with other advertising website such as one was from a jobseekers website and another was from a travel agency. They started by introducing themselves after treating us to breakfast. They told us of their connection to one of the telecommunication company in Malaysia (in which they were a side project but became a subsidiary when they were successful). The things that we brought were only for a game of a sale pitch which was won by a guy trying to sell a very light and practical walking stick. My magazines had no buyer and I didn't win that nifty wristwatch. Hmm...I am not a good salesman after all.

What I am impressed of was their sponge-like attitude on what we suggested and their willingness to really take our view into account. We were given some sneak previews of some part which are not up yet and we were invited to become one of their beta tester. We were then brought to see their parent's company impressive headquarters which you can access my report on it here. I sometimes wish the legal fraternity in Malaysia is not so close up as it is now as we couldn't really utilise advertisement website such as this. And leave to me to ask them if they would charge any fee in the long run as now ad postings on their site is still free. Sheepishly they answered, yep, they are a profit making company after all.
Here are some pictures from the event.....

 The event organiser
 The team
A bit of history 
A Facebook-like function
New features not launched yet (kind of a preview)
A Steve Job like presentation


life4hire said...

so many invitations and of course a lot of free time...i guess you can be a very successful blogger who reviews stuff..hehe

farhazoeLa said...

nice writing. i dont know what to comment. haha

Ratty said...

This sounds like fun. I wish I could have a few opportunities to do things like this. Even if I never do, at least I get to read about yours.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

yo bro....biler nak beli dslr?? boleh join gi snap model cun and sexay!!!!....lolz

kruel74 said...

Life4hire - Invite public bkn invite personal. Dapat bayaran ok gak..

FarhazoeLa - TQ for stopping by. At least I can visit you

Ratty - Just lucky I guess but blogging here do give advantages

Calvin - I dulu minat fotografi but then asyik hilang kamera. Maybe I'll start again

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