April 5, 2009

If only I can tell the world what I know

As a lawyer to certain type of people in the few years I have become one, I have been privy to certain things which made me sometimes want to scream as loudly as I could, "No! That is not how it happen, here is the real story" or "If only you knew who the real people you should be worried about". Alas, I am a lawyer through and through. What the Godfather has taught me way before I was a lawyer, I still kept in mind. Mario Puzo captured perfedctly the essence of how powerful a lawyer with a briefcase compared against a hundred men with machine guns.

Certain things I did or I knew are still not known to anyone in my life including my business partner or my spouse. Certain things are academic to be kept to myself and I did tell others but I warn them of the dire consequences if those matter became public and people found out it came from them. There were incidents which involve men in power (then) and their secret love which made things a bit uncomfortable for me to service them but it resolved itself in a way. Some are still safely kept in my mind.

A few times, it became too close for comfort when certain news came out and people speculate on certain matters and certain theory came out in which they touched briefly on what they suspect is the truth. Most of them became yesterday's news as no one really answer or investigate on the matter. Sometimes certain things are so well hidden that the person the newspaper mentioned did not even get it right. I can only smile knowing another secret is buried.

As a lawyer keeping secret actually becomes second nature. Whether you like it or not. Whether you are threaten to reveal it or not. In Malaysia, surprisingly, in plain daylight and known to all, lawyers had been known to be call up by authorities to reveal certain matters which had transpired in courtroom. Luckily, I am well below the radar making me being seen around but no one really know who I am.

Just the way I like it...

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Ratty said...

Staying below the radar is probably the best thing a good lawyer can do. Telling certain secrets can possibly get someone in your position in a lot of trouble. There are lawyers where I live that are constantly in the news for something bad, because they can't keep their mouth shut. It takes a smart person to know when to keep silent.

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