April 10, 2009

Advice from a Sheryl Crow song

I think most of you know this song and it was a time when Sheryl Crow is still Lance Armstrong girlfriend (correct me if I am wrong). By the way, this post is not really about the song as it was what was said in the song. One part of the lyric said simply -

It's not having what you want,
It's wanting what you got

As I was hearing this on my iPod while I was jogging, it jogged my memory of how true this saying is. It is not about trying to get more than what you already have but it is about appreciating what you already have in your life. In short, count your blessing. Be thankful and then this simple saying can help you appreciate what you have and make you realised there is more to life than killing yourself trying to be rich.

As a business owner and someone who must look after the well being of more than 15 employees, it is something which I hope to keep at the back of my mind. As much as I would love to work and stay working forever, I must understand the need for breaks and even holidays to recharge myself. I know that was not the intention of the lyrics but I can't say I will ever be that contented though I am getting there in a few years time.

I have actually nearly 80% of what I have ever wanted in life. I am easily fulfilled and contented. I have my dream car. I have houses. I have a wonderful wife. I have a good business. I have everything but if I put myself in someone else's shoes, I can always use with a bigger car, more houses, more wives (I am a Muslim after all) or maybe a few girlfriends. Private plane. Yacht. All those things that people dream about when they read some luxury magazine or watched how other people live their life.

As of now, when I hear that song, I want to change that percentage from 80% to 100% as if I ever manage to supersede what I have now, then can I consider that as a bonus?


Anonymous said...

hmm.. nice one..
sometimes its normal to want something that others have.. =)

Ratty said...

Very good advice. I don't think anybody is completely satisfied with what they have right now though. Happiness is what we're all after, and sometimes the search for more makes us happy.

contendedSoul said...

i always remind myself...that blessings (rezki) come in so many ways..not only materialisticly..good health,children, a loyal spouse....
but we tend to forget..time after time...

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