April 2, 2009

A new dawn for Malaysia?

Today marks a new day for Malaysia again after just a few years. Being a democratic country where the leader is a Prime Minister without any other equal in it's capacity unlike certain countries where there is a Prime Minister AND a President, we only have one leader to lead us at any one time. Today, 3.4.09 marks, the  accession (is that the right concept?) of a new Prime Minister. This is our sixth Prime Minister after we gained independence in 1957. 

Malaysians knew of an urban legend where the Prime Minister of Malaysia will follow the name of our first Prime Minister - RAHMAN. The word in bracket is the honour they receive from our various monarchies. We have (Tunku) Abdul Rahman as our first, hence the R. (Tun) Abdul Razak as our second, hence the A. (Tun) Hussein Onn as our third, hence the H. (Tun) Mahathir was our illustrious fourth PM, which brings us to M. Then we have the person who was said to leave his seat unwillingly, (Datuk Seri) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi., we we got the other A Now we are going to have a Prime Minister by the name of (Datuk Seri) Najib Tun Razak (the son of our second PM), which brings us finally to N. So, we got the full R.A.H.M.A.N. After this? We may have to look for a new legend.

He is a politician through and through. By 23 he was a Member of Parliament. By 29, he was a Chief Minister of the state he was born. He held many cabinet post and was a 'youngest' in  many of the post. He never tried to get where he is through force or political maneuvering. He is supposed to be ready for this post long ago. He waited and now he is now rewarded with the highest office in Malaysia. Some may like him, some may critisised certain aspect of him, some says that he has his Achilles heels and a few people even tried to stop his swearing-in tomorrow. The thing is, in Malaysia, political party is the one who determines the Prime Minister in Malaysia as he (or she) is chosen by his political party and that is where the people don't have a say. There is no election to the high office, there is only one general election then whoever control the Parliament, can choose whoever they choose to represent them in high office.

For the ruling government, it maybe the best thing that could happen to them. Having a party loyalist with a credential as politician a mile long. Having served in any imaginable position a politician can hold. If there is ever a political royalty, here is one. He is going to take office at an undesirable time with promises to keep (he just unveiled a mini-budget about 3 weeks ago to help Malaysia in the economic crisis) and 3 by-elections to win. He will unveil his new cabinet next week. I expect him to go in with his guns blazing which will even affect how Malaysian blogs. Mark my word, as I expect him to be as unforgiving as his 'mentor'. Just wait and see.

As I said good bye to his old boss two posts ago, I welcome him, with a pinch of salt...

p/s - in case anyone ever wonders, I am not affiliate nor incline to ANY political party, however down the drain my country is...though it looks okay from where I am.


Ratty said...

Thanks for the story about your Prime Ministers. I like reading about things like this. And it helps to learn about things in countries that aren't my own. I've been learning a lot about Malaysia in the past several months.

BlurryLeo said...

it would be totally uncool if things were to be back to square one :(

kruel74 said...

Ratty - Thanks for the interest as we are just a small country

Le0 - Yep, but time will tell

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