April 6, 2009

We are all in the same boat

In business, what I think is of utmost importance is the mutual understanding that you have among your partners. This is what this post is all about. How I can share every single thought in my head with my partner. How each can play a role in developing, marketing and keeping up the persona of a successful business. How we can even exchange looks and understand how we are going to approach a matter being negotiated. As I have known my partner since 1992 when we registered for our pre-university course, I know what her like and dislike. Going back that long sometimes makes people misunderstand our relationship and even thought we are husband and wife. 

Currently, we are in the middle of a very trying time at the office. Clients such as banks keep on putting the burden of their 'free legal fee' offer on our legal firm in which we had to bear cost of doing legal work for them. The legal work can be for agreements in which we help them to ensure they have collaterals to go after if ever their customers do not pay the loans given to them. They can also be the claims that we do on their behalf for such collaterals. Due to too many of these work, these institutions owe us a lot but due to competitions among lawyers, we still are civil with them when claiming the money they owe us.

So, in short, currently we are all in the same boat. Again, I would like to say, having a good business partner is as important as having a business at all. Knowing a few businesses where partners can't see eye to eye and even make the staff having to tip toe among squabbling bosses, I can say I am lucky to have a good partner.

Politics in my country can be said to be the same as we currently have two coalitions which consist of a few political parties. Whoever is going to rule us better get the formula right or like a boat nearing a waterfall we may just be too near the edge to turn back...


Buwau98 said...

Thanks for the visit.
How i wish i have ample time for both blogexplosion and entrecard.

Kujie said...

We sometimes think that the other person will understand and we don’t bother to tell the other person clearly...itulah masalahnya selalu.

kruel74 said...

Buwau - I'm one of your silent reader n I got to know you through the two aggregators

Kujie - That is why communication is important

Ratty said...

You're right that having a good business partner is important. My dad was always bad at picking a partner, and it always caused trouble. He finally had to decide on no partner, and do everything himself.

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