April 1, 2009

When Felipe Massa is the surprise

Yesterday, it seems that I had not just one event, which I had the chance to say farewell to the current Prime Minister of Malaysia on his final few days (supposedly) but I also attended the opening of the biggest showroom of one of the most desirable brand (as was said by the MC) outside of Italy. It was the opening of a marquee space for the sale of Ferrari cars in Malaysia. It was an important event for the dealership of Naza Italia which had seen the passing of it's founder a few months ago. The son had taken over this part of the company and interestingly a famous car manufacturer still kept it's promise though I bet the late father was the one who closed the deal. Maybe the father knew how to impart the knowledge of his business to his children.

This week is the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend in Malaysia. 5th of April will see Malaysia hosting the event for the 11th time and hoping to host it still for years to come. That was why most heavyweights in the industry of motorsport, either locally or internationally, were there at the dinner yesterday. Just imagine that the surprise appearance of Felipe Massa when guests were having their second course. The dinner was short with some awards exchanging hands. Some awards were due to the opening of the showroom. As it was the biggest, Malaysian's World of Record gave their acknowledgement which include the largest gathering of Ferrari car owners in Malaysia ever. And it seems that Malaysians own nearly 350 units of Ferrari. Impressive.

The guests were all VIPs in their own right and as they milled in those who do not own a Ferrari camwhore themselves among the cars. As the event also honoured Maseratti, which is my favourite car after watching Entourage for a few seasons, I just couldn't resist looking at the show unit. Then at the end, I did went around with my business partner to snap a few pictures although we had to wait those who couldn't just snap one but was hogging each car one after another pictures. It was fun nonetheless and seeing a Ferrari up close makes me understand why people think they are THE car to own.

Someone's Masserati

Just some cars....

Felipe Massa came in this
My partner with her dream car
 A guy with his weekend car


Ratty said...

Nice looking cars. I don't think I've ever been close to a Ferrari before, and probably never will.

Clarisse Teagen said...

nope. not model materiall. . . lol!!!
Try a little harder with the pose.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

when will be your turn to get one. ive got four....all purchased from shell... :P

btw, you going for the gp this weekend??

kruel74 said...

Ratty - me neither. Better buy property than a car

Clarissa - Thanks for that but with that car, even an ugly old man will look 'handsome'

Calvin - Nope, not an F1 fan though my kampung and one of my house is just 5 km away

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