April 3, 2009

Too many things happening at once...

In Malaysia since last week until for the next few days, there are too many events happening all at once. It is like a shot to the head where you need to think and choose the events that you wanted to know or if you are lucky enough or are those socialites who wait for such things, get invited to them. As I had posted a few days ago, I actually crashed a party where people who own Ferraris had a gathering. Not really crashed but I had no real reason to be there except for the food and the visual gastronomic experience (and not just referring to the cars).

What are the events which made people go around town like headless chickens trying to chase one after the other? I bet all the reporters are having their hands full in trying to go from one to the other.

There is the F1 race on Sunday which had moved from the usual slot of 3pm to 5pm so that it will be cooler and 'cooler' as they had labelled this year race as Showdown at Sundown. As I am not a fan, in which I even gave my free tickets once to another couple way back in 2002 as I can't imagine being there under the hot sun in which I can catch the action better on the television. Even though the F1 track is just 5 miles from my hometown. The only time I was ever near the track was when I went there last year to negotiate a special arrangement between a developer I am a panel of and the staff of Sepang International Circuit.

There are fashion and clubbing events all around town as Kuala Lumpur try to sell itself as the F1 city with a fashion show called Stylo. Stylo is entering it's second year and from the support it is getting from the fashion industry locally and internationally, it may be a staple for F1 in Malaysia for years to come. It also incorporates a gala dinner which before this was an event by itself. This year, both have become one. 

Other than the pinnacle of motorsport event in Malaysia, there is a change of leadership at the top echelon of Malaysian politic when Tun Abdullah passed the baton to his Deputy, Datuk Seri Najib who also took over at the political party which controls the government of the day in Malaysia. The way the former leave and the way the latter took office can be found in many blogs and news portals. Most congratulate but they all do it with a pinch of salt. As you can read, even if you type the name of our new Prime Minister into Wikipedia, there is a lot of information which if he know is there, he might ask Wikipedia to change the facts there.

In a few days, there are also 3 by-elections within Malaysia for different reasons. In two of the constituencies, the consituencies Member of Parliaments died and the is one where there is a resignation by the assemblyman due to a scandal. So, as the new Prime Minister takes office, he must ensure the political party he just led manage to win the heart of the people which they seem to have lost in March 2008 when in that general election, they were thumped like newbies by a new rising force called Pakatan Rakyat (People's Force?). However, after one year, there seems, keyword, SEEMS, to be cracks in the so-called understanding between the political parties which make up the Pakatan Rakyat.

In blogging world, there is an event supposedly waited for by a lot of blogger associated with a portal called Nuffnang which provide advertisings for bloggers and they have partnered with one of the telecommunication companies in Malaysia to throw a blogging event. Another one is Bloggers United which has a meet-up tomorrow among it's bloggers.There is also a flashmob pillow fights by the person who has promote two impromptu flashmob events before, whose portal is Random Alphabets and as I met him last year, and found out he is a law graduate, I was intrigued to join in this time around, but alas...

With all these events, you might think I am spoiled for choice to go to either one of them. I am not. I have to be at the only class I go for my Islamic finance Masters which happen on Saturday and Sunday. Just nice. So, to all those who are participating either as spectators or even if you are the names mentioned, have fun...

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