April 4, 2009

My writings made people see things

Someone told me a few days ago that what I wrote in the short time I start blogging made them 'see' what I was trying to convey. They say my description is vivid enough for them to visualise what I am trying to say. Okay, there is no 'they', it was just one person but as she is a friend who I rarely talk to, I can consider that to be a good thing. She said when she read those intimate things that I wrote in my other blog, she just knew what I meant and she thinks I gave her too much information.

For me, as a writer, she just told me I am successful in conveying what I want to be conveyed. Don't all writers want that? For people who reads, usually when you are reading something, you will try to 'see' what the writer is trying to convey.

That is why you will always be keen to go to a movie adaptation of your favourite book like The Shopoholic adventures, Harry Potter books and the Lord of the Rings. When what you have been visualising in your mind becomes a reality (in a way) on the silver screen, you will say that the adaptation is as you have imagine. If it is not, then you will say that the movie has failed. My favourite escapism author for me is still Stephen King with his Americana theme which make me see how a person goes through the American life although he weaves horror into his stories. Read between the lines!

It is always have been accepted that books or writings are just another form of escapism. Escapism is when you use your mind to 'escape' the real life. You usually use your mind to think of normal everyday problems but the mind is a powerful tool which can imagine a lot of things. That is why superheroes have more power than the average man.

For me, writing something until someone can imagine what I am trying to say is proof enough that writing might just be more than a hobby for me...

Picture like this is taken for visual aid in my stories


Scotty said...

being able to effectively use figurative language to make pictures in the heads of your readers is indeed a challenge... and nice feedback to receive from anyone, too... keep up the interesting posting! :)


Ratty said...

These are some of the same things I've been thinking about recently. I always hope I can bring a person's mind into my little stories. Your writing does that for me whenever I read it. I always see things when I read your blogs, and they are always good and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

when you said 'see things'.. i thought it's about seeing 'things' after reading your writings! lol

anyway, it's great when readers are seeing eye to eye with you.. all the best! =)

ViCky said...

Its on of the best compliments people can receive .

Its nice people are also viewing your creative style . Cheers :)

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