April 25, 2009

Open office concept in Malaysia

I was invited to a meet the customers session this morning by a company called mySimplifieds.com, a new advertising company which is trying to do the e-commerce thingy with a difference. Little did I know when I got the invite from them two weeks ago they were a company under this one small telecommunication company which managed to grab attention as they are the only foreign owned mobile phone company and they managed to stay relevant after all this years. This company by the name of Digi is mostly owned by a Norwegian company called Telenor and has managed to capture the students and yound adult market especially when it comes to prepaid handheld service. They have this cute little mascot which took the market by storm due to its cuteness and seemingly cheerful demeanor.

Anyaway, when I was told of the place the community meet-up was to be held, I was ecstatic. I have heard about the concept of their open office since forever. They don't have assigned desk and even their CEO can sit anywhere within the building and set up office there and then. His real office which is on top floor is more for press conference and entertain any foreign delegates or bosses from their headquarters. This is my first time there and I consider them to be innovative in their way of capturing the market and retaining their customers although they always play the bridesmaid to two other telecommunication companies in Malaysia. That two have the government as their partners and thic company is fully private. And there are enough businesses to go around to all actually.

Two weeks ago, I was also at an event which was held at a headquarters of a boradband company. I did not take any pictures there but you can check out the pictures at another blog - Kong Technology. That was when I was given the chance of testing a product by them called the Wiggy and this company have a game room and relaxation lounge for their employees. That lounge has a few pool and foosball tables with another room has 5 massage chairs. Naturally, the first question which I asked was whether Digi offers the same facilities to their employees. And you guessed it, all this concept of having places to play while you work was taken by me from what I heard of Googleplex. It is supposed to have the most game areas with even a basketball court in their compound. And it seems that Digi has the basketball court but not the game room. 

They do have lots of open spaces though which the guy said are used for parties. A lot of parties. Maybe Norwegians really know how to throw them parties or was it influenced by their Malaysian counterparts? As I am supposed to show you how open is their open concept, below are some pictures from their compound. The only question is, would you be able to work as such? Just imagine you are chasing a deadline and then suddenly your CEO decides to use the table across you. Would you be able to work? My office does has an open concept but I do have room more for the benefit of having a barrier between my employees and me as they do need some space of their own. But as a rule, my door is never close, unless I am adjusting my pants or something. The Digi guy said their level of hierachy is 5. Mine is 2 (but mine is a small company. really small. they have 2300 employees)

The yellow man (their mascot)

Their courtyard at the back (lots of open spaces too)

A rest area for the employees within the building

This is the open concept office. Choose a seat. Any seat. And fire up your laptop (which is provided once you are hired)


Ratty said...

Looks like a nice place. The open concept thing is interesting, but I think the boss should have the privilege of privacy sometimes. Employees, as you indicated, also need privacy from the boss. Some people get nervous with their boss constantly watching them.

Kellaw said...

lol. nice. P1 at pj area too small la but the food that day okla. hahaha. at least get wiggy to test for 3 months ma

kruel74 said...

Ratty - It may work in some places but not in others

Kellaw - You were there? Hey, why didn't you holler

Kellaw said...

busy eating ma. lol. wiggy is slow when i am indoors so not writing anything about it. i thought i recognize the wrong fella so kept quiet lo

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