April 18, 2009

Ivy League weekend

Well, not really Ivy League but it is more of old boys gathering of the Malaysian version. The oldest old boy association in Malaysia, called MCOBA, from a school with historic background either in its existence or the persons who went to school there, seems to have a gathering this weekend. They were so powerful once that they have their own public listed company which was said to monopolise most of the big projects in Malaysia. Now that company is not that strong anymore nor does being an alumni of that school open doors like it used to but from what I see, they still managed to retain the sense of kinship among themselves (they may actually still have other 'benefits' but not as apparent as days of yore)

My own alumni, the law school where I graduated, is also gathering for the first time to finally officially formed the alumni after celebrating it's 25 years of churning out law graduates. It happened around 10 am this  Saturday morning. The road leading to the formation of this alumni is so full of false starts and unattended meetings that I thought it was never meant to be. Alas, I was not there as I was attending my only Islamic finance class before my exams next week. I was told just now through that known social network which seems to connect people like no other, Facebook, that a first batch senior of the law school became its first President. Hope that count for something.

What does kinship has anything to do with business? A lot it seems. The world is said to actually being formed by secret associations and government all over are actually formed by these associations. Even Malaysians were said to join one of these associations and became so powerful that doors open before they even knock. I, for one, is never a member of any assocation except the one which licenses my profession. It is more for the benefit of learning than looking for business that I am active in just being a normal member.

My fraternity was a pact I made with my fellow batchmates whom I know will help me out if there is ever any need. They are known as FRIENDS.

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