October 1, 2009

Still awaiting questions

I have launched my new blog 'Ask the Lawyer' for nearly a week now but I still have not receive any questions for me to answer. I may resort to writing articles of my choice which will defeat having a blog with the word 'ask the....' in its title.

If push come to shove, I may just used the template for my legal property book as the basis for my blog postings. And all those questions I received through e-mail or twitters or other social medias.

Ask away please...


hasyudeen said...

Brother, you need to consider few issues:

1. Who knows about the blog?
2. Whether those you are targeting have the chance to know about the blog?
3. Are they willing to ask questions on the web?

Ratty said...

Maybe you could get it started by asking and answering a few theoretical questions that you think would be good information.

And maybe you could also use questions from other sources. As long as you tell people the basic source of the question, I think it would be okay. It also might give them an idea what kind of questions to ask.

Also, maybe you could add a link to a form where they could send the questions, like my "Contact Me Privately" link under my profile picture. It might help people feel more comfortable asking the questions.

I think once it gets going, even though it might take awhile, the site will be very successful. It's an excellent idea.

kruel74 said...

Brother Hasyudeen, It seems they do ask questions on the web (especially through Twitter)

Ratty - Good idea about the form n is working on it

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