May 13, 2009

Even electronic company have a blog nowadays (a.k.a. the LG Blog launch party)

Thanks to one of the local internet advertising company Nuffnang

I was again invited for an exclusive event.

This time it was the LG Blog Launch Party which is a launch of the blog, The LG Blog,  by an electronic company, LG.

It was really about launching the blog and not really about their products (except for the prizes). There were biilboards and product placement around the place, Metropol Gourmet bar, which I had to ask around ask it was located at a building which had changed its name a year ago.
The Nuffnanger were there in full force. And of course, most of them knew each other. As for me, I did recognised a few of them but the age difference did make a different. My date backed out at the last minute due to some scheduling conflict so I was doing more people watching than really trying to enjoy the party, which had too many interval in between. The highlights were the blog launch at around 9pm :
Then the best dressed angel and devil which gets to take away an LCD television, each.
This is the devil winner and yes, the devil is in the detail that she was so in character, she did not smile the whole time and I just couldn't imagine if she did not win. Either the judge would have gotten speared or his husband as she is known as the Red Mummy in the blogging world.

The angel winner is another lady but I think she was just a passable angel as she is really angelic as angel can be.

I think that night, most men wear themselves as angels and the ladies seem to be the devil. Hmmm...
Other things to see were :

The bloggers :

The food and most importantly the open bar :

The celebrities :

By 11.30pm I was already at another club closing a few deals. All in all, it was entertaining to say the least and informative to know that blog is not just for normal people but even established company.


Ratty said...

It looks like it was fun. The devil looked more interesting than the angel. But the devil is usually more interesting than an angel.

Anonymous said...

=.= blogging is a trend and a good form of ad, I suppose. But for me, blogging is a form of writing to express myself.

MikeM said...

Dude... if ever bump into me in any event, let's take a pic together... age does not matter dude, it is just a number!

Life's Good!

kruel74 said...

Ratty - The devils alawys have more fun ;)

Cleffairy - The best bloggers are still the one runs by individual

MikeM - Ok. No problem there

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